Joke van IJzeren

drs. J. Van IJzeren

Joke is a strategic consultant and leadership coach in the field of organizational development and integrity. In addition, she works as a program manager at Nyenrode Business University in close collaboration with the innovators of our time in the field of transformational change and leadership. She applies these new vision- and work- methods to her own work within organizations. The 20 years of practical experience at Pentascope and KPMG Ethics & Integrity, make her an experienced and powerful facilitator of complex organizational change and their leaders. In her work, she looks with an integral, holistic, and change-oriented gaze. Because only when you look at the whole, you see what interventions are needed, at both the individual and collective level. Both on the hard side (structures, processes, policies) and on the soft side (cultural values, competencies, beliefs). This makes clear which interventions are needed to achieve ethical organizations.

In addition to her advisory role for management ("primary line") Joke has experience in setting up ‘the secondary safety net’ (policy, complaints, network counselors) to prevent undesirable behavior in the workplace. She has worked for various organizations as fiduciary and member of complaints committees, and also trains fiduciary and complaints committees. She has also done several studies on undesirable behavior in the workplace (sexual harassment, aggression, violence, and bullying). Additionally she is moderator for 'large scale events' and has made various publications and lectures on integrity and leadership, (un)desired organizational behavior, and organizational transformation.



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