Jaap ten Wolde

J. ten Wolde

Jaap has made a career in accountancy at KPMG. Having started as a statutory accountant with banks and other financial services, he later specialized as a forensic accountant. In this latter role he has reviewed the functioning of directors and auditors and analyzed why matters sometimes go wrong in management and supervision. In 1994 he became founder of the first consulting firm focused on integrity. He was the founding father of BING and IFO, one of the predecessors of EBBEN Partners. In 2014 he co-wrote along with financial reporter Rob de Lange a book about integrity: Ik ben integer, jij bent integer. He is now working on a follow-up book on directing and managing integrity, and other oversight issues. At EBBEN Partners, he supports clients with the firm anchoring of integrity in their organizations. Jaap: "The concept of integrity is understood and defined differently by nearly every person. It is important to help organizations see integrity not as a risk, but as an opportunity for making people feel safer and more satisfied. It is remarkable that this concept catches on with more difficulty by men than by woman. Even for this reason alone, it is good that the leadership of organizations is becoming more 'feminized'."