Marjanne Bouwsma

M. Bouwsma RA

After studying economics I started working at KPMG Accountants. After completing the training as a register Accountant, I started working as an interim professional. I have been working in financial positions for housing corporations since 2007.

Of course I am of figures, but that can only work with people. All you do is to do it together. I think it is important for every assignment that I get a good connection with the people in all sections of the organization. I never lose sight of the intended result.

My management style is characterized by a thorough, sharp analysis, getting tasks, getting people on the move and supporting ' hands on ' where necessary.
I am result-oriented, sensitive and know others by convincing my professional knowledge and enthusiastic personality.

Clients and colleagues characterize me as analytical strong, decisive, proactive, honest and involved.

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