Marc Peeters

Marc (1964) worked at the K.U after his studies. Leuven and military service for six years in the Belgian banking sector as investment adviser, credit adviser for SMEs and independent branch manager.

In 1993 he switched to the accounting sector. Between 1994 and 2004 he obtained three secondary education degrees, including his post-graduate master in accountancy & finance at the EMS in Brussels. In 1999, he was registered on the Tableau of the BIBF as an accredited accountant-tax specialist. Since then, he has been active abroad in that capacity, apart from Belgium, with special attention and interest in Ukraine.

In 2015, he obtained the "Masterclass Forensic Auditing" at the Antwerp Management School, after which he was awarded the title of Registered Fraud Auditor (RFA) by IFA Belgium.

Marc has been a member of the BIBF Anti-Money Laundering Committee since 2016; in that capacity, he checks his Belgian colleagues for compliance with anti-money laundering legislation.

Finally, he is the founder of the Fraud Audit School, where he is also a teacher.

At EBBEN Partners, Marc mainly deals with reporting fraud, bankruptcy fraud and fraud in the context of liquidation settlements of marry communities.

Approved accountant-tax specialist BIBF
Member of the BIBF Anti-Money Laundering Committee
RFA IFA Belgium

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