Who are we?

Ebben Partners

EBBEN Partners was formed on May 1, 2015 by a number of successful service providers, namely: consultancy and research bureau TRIFORENSIC (Amersfoort and Brussels), investigation and detective agency QED (Soest), Cosmo Consultancy (Weesp), the integrity advisers of EMTRUST, the private detectives of de Kort & Partners (Brasschaat) and the forensic IT experts at Fox-IT (Delft). In particular, the combination of forensic accountants and lawyers is remarkable.

The client base of the legal predecessors of EBBEN Partners include ministries, municipalities, healthcare and educational institutions, housing corporations, commercial real estate firms and companies listed on the stock exchange. For obvious reasons we do not disclose the identity of our clients.

Accounting knowledge and experience is in the genes of the partners of TRIFORENSIC. The expertise in the field of research has been built since 1990 at KPMG and has become versatile with tactical and technical knowledge and tools for data analysis of QED.

EBBEN Partners has adapted the trend that complex investigations are no longer preferably being performed by accounting firms, but rather via a combination of notable lawyers and investigators. The expertise of the consultant group has been broadened and strengthened by the accession of the advisors EMTRUST and Cosmo Consultancy. In Belgium-Luxembourg we have been collaborating for more than 10 years with the private detectives of de Kort & Partners and the forensic IT specialists at Fox-IT.