EBBEN speaks for itself

EBBEN Partners combines four areas of expertise in special investigations, assistance in dispute resolution, and consultancy in the areas of integrity, business and legal governance.

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Unique package

With these four disciplines, EBBEN Partners takes a special place in the market. This makes it possible for EBBEN Partners to offer you a unique arrangement. With the three categories of services - investigations, consultancy and legal and dispute resolution – these four areas of expertise are combined in the engagement team.


Integrity is a core value for successful business. Performing favors, favoritism or conflict of interest? Crash barriers needed for an effective integrity policy?

Legal Expertise

Are your governance documents in order? Where are the risks in your contracts? Holding someone effectively liable. Risks involved with the US and UK anti-corruption rules?

About Ebben Partners

EBBEN Partners brings accountants, consultants, lawyers and data specialists together to address your problem quickly, professionally and to the point.

Ebony is extremely tough but can nevertheless easily be manipulated. It hardly splinters and has a homogenous structure. Ebony is also heavier than water.

In Dutch, the word Ebben is also a verb: waning, retreating such as the descending water level during low tide. And when the water recedes, everything that was happening under the surface suddenly becomes visible


Is your organization in control? An analysis of the cash flows. Substantiate a damage calculation? What is the value of your potential investment? Fraudulent legal actions?

Data Expertise

Information is the key to solving many issues. A guide with technical knowledge and research skill will find his way in the jungle of data in the financial and administrative environment, digital files, email and internet.

Renowned in combined offers

With the combination of these four areas of expertise EBBEN Partners is unique.

At EBBEN Partners, specialists are at work who have earned their spurs. They love their work, complement each other and understand each other. They use their knowledge and experience directly for the client in a tight team. They carry out the work themselves and delegate only if it is efficient.

The reports by EBBEN Partners are to the point, easy to read, equipped with an internal quality check and usable in procedures or communications within your organization.

EBBEN Partners is a compact organization of professionals with a broad network of helpers in turn. This helps to keep EBBEN Partners rates low for a high quality of service.